The Truth behind Why FREE Resume Critiques are not Objective


It doesn’t happen often but occasionally I am asked by a prospective client why I do not provide free resume critiques and the answer is simply that any critique I provide cannot be objective.

Simply put, a FREE resume critique from me would be nothing more than a sales pitch for your business. Being brutally honest, time is money and I need a way to recoup the cost of providing a free critique because like you, I have a family to feed. As such, I recognize that there is no way I can remain objective in my critique when at the end of the day I am only going to tell you things that will increase the likelihood you purchase a resume package from me.Time is money

Honestly, the majority of resumes that come across my desk are good – not always stellar – but good. They will probably get an interview at some point in a candidate’s career. You can write your own resume and career documents and they can get you results. And if this is the approach you want to take, then it is recommended that you take the free advice from a resume writer’s blog or published articles – this is where you will find the objective advice on how to write a great resume.

But when you are seeking the services of a qualified resume writer you aren’t seeking free advice, nor are you seeking sales pitches. You are seeking the assistance of a top writer to help bring your career to new heights. You understand that your resume and other career documents are YOUR marketing package and will be one of the biggest investments for your future.

It isn’t about “fixing” your current resume – it is about bringing your personal brand to the next level and learning how to strategically leverage your strengths for the industry you are in! It is about learning how to sell yourself on paper that goes above and beyond the standard resume templates and markets you to prospective employers in a way that sets you apart from the competition. Recruiting the help of a resume writer and career coach is more about learning how to powerfully communicate your career story to the world than it is about “fixing” your current resume.

You say: “but Skye, why do you ask to see my current resume if you don’t provide a free critique?”

Because I use your current resume to quickly pinpoint any major red-flags such as career gaps or frequent transitions that need to be addressed. The truth is that I very rarely read a client’s resume word-for-word. I don’t need to read the resume in detail because very little of it is relevant to how we will position you and your value. Instead, I take the time to talk with you (whether by phone or email) to learn about you and what you have accomplished in your career. If I am doing my job right, I am learning what your buying motivators are and what unique features you have to offer a prospective employer that go well beyond your current resume. At the end of the day, your current resume is nothing more to me than a guide for employment dates.

Not all Resume Writers approach resumes in the same way…

It is important that I mention not all resume writers are the same. The approach I take to writing a stellar career marketing document may not be the approach another writer takes. This does not mean their work isn’t great – it just means they have a different strategy that works for them.

Some extremely amazing writers do use a client’s current resume for more than pinpointing red flags, and that is okay! I only ask that you carefully do your homework before you invest in your career and look for writers that go beyond cookie-cutter templates and truly want to help you succeed.

Cherish that many top writers realize their resume critiques cannot remain objective and as such they are providing you an excellent service by not offering you a sales pitch that is embedded in a free resume critique.

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