The Customer Comes First!

Many people do not understand the value in a strategically written resume.  What is worse is that many people are still under the belief that a resume is meant to describe what you need from an employer.  The reality however is that a well written resume that gets results will go beyond what your objectives are and will help an employer recognize how you will contribute to profitability for their business in some way.

In order for your job search to be successful your resume must showcase your strengths as they relate to the specific job you are targeting.  With this in mind, demonstrate how each previous position you have held transfers to the position you seek.  Use accomplishment statements that show you can problem solve and that highlight your transferrable skills. Market yourself in a way that will make you the best candidate for the position you are applying for.

When you find a position to apply to, it is good practice to think of the company and employer as “your customer”.  The customer is “always right”, the customer “comes first” and the customer “knows what they want”.  Your resume is your marketing tool and therefore it is essential to grab your customers’ attention immediately.  In order for your resume to get the results you want; it is necessary to understand your customer.  Your resume must focus on what you can do for your customer.  If you want your customers business then you need to stand out from the competition!  Demonstrate why your service is the best service available for the company.

With the customers’ needs in mind, and your resume written specifically for that target job you are more likely to make it past the first screening round and land the interview you seek! Now you get to present your marketing brand in person!

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