Take Your Networking to New Heights

The value of a great resume cannot be overstated. Whether you are currently in a job search or not, it is good practice to always have an updated resume at hand. LinkedIn and other social media platforms are hailed for their networking opportunities. Searching for and meeting influencers in your industry is easier than ever with the power of online networking!

With approximately 80% of jobs being secured in the hidden job market, there has never been a better time to ensure that your online presence is solid. The best way to do this is with a consistent brand. Determine what your authentic brand is and what sets you apart in your industry, then communicate this effectively across all marketing platforms.

Generate a crafty three-word tagline that defines you and your authentic brand. This doesn’t have to be tricky, something as simple as three little words can communicate a lot about you and your leadership style. Two examples:





Develop a Value Proposition that is designed to sell you and your unique strength to prospective employers. Again, this is something that is crisp, clean and concise. Two examples:


“Accelerating Business Performance through Powerful Decision-Making.”


“Finance Business Partner passionate about leading and driving change towards increasing enterprise value growth.”


The goal with a tagline or value proposition statement is to succinctly capture your career story in a memorable way.

Create something that is simple and easy to remember. Treat these as a brief elevator pitch and ensure that your message is communicated consistently across all social media platforms and career marketing documents.

With your brand developed, now is the time to consider alternative ways to network your way to better opportunities. My best kept secret is to design professional business cards.

Professional business cards are an amazing networking tool that often get forgotten in the job search.

Visualize the following scenario:

Secure in your current position, not even looking for other opportunities, you find yourself at a friend’s wedding reception and meet the CEO of a large corporation. The corporation offers better benefits, a higher salary potential and an all-around great work culture. The perfect networking opportunity has fallen into your lap. You begin to talk yourself up, discuss what you do for a living, maybe deliver your well-rounded elevator-pitch. This is all great! You are networking your way to a better opportunity.

Everyone leaves to go home, excited about the meeting. You wake up thrilled at what the future may bring, and the CEO wakes up refreshed at the prospects of a new hire… until they realize they can’t remember your name. Now, that great opportunity might be lost. But wait…

You left the CEO with your professionally crafted business card. The card that has your contact information attached, your social media URL’s, and your amazing tagline or value proposition statement! They reach into their pocket and look at the business card. Not only are they impressed to see your elevator pitch succinctly delivered on the card, but they look at your online profiles. Your brand is consistent. No red-flags are found. Your dedication to career planning is evident. The CEO is left even more impressed and brings your information forward to the HR department for further review.

You meet someone while sitting at the doctor’s office or at the grocery store, leave them a business card. Opportunities are everywhere! Make yourself memorable with the mini-snapshot of your resume that is your business card à let the doors open for you.

The key to taking your networking and career to new heights in 2017 is to be prepared for all avenues of interaction. Ensure your resume, online presence, and in-person brand is consistent. Be prepared to deliver your elevator pitch at a moment’s notice. Leave a lasting impression!

Wishing you a prosperous 2017 full of hidden opportunities that lead to a better career.

Thank you for reading! If you are seeking resume and career advice, contact Skye at info@skyeisthelimit.ca. Looking for small business and entrepreneurship guidance, visit: www.careerpreneur.ca.