Step Up and Become the CEO of Your Career!

We are already one month into 2020 – a new year, the beginning of a new decade, and new goals to achieve. So much excitement that also comes with fear.

Maybe you are looking back on the last decade with great pride? You have a concise personal brand, your online presence WOW’s your followers, and job opportunities are bountiful. This is fantastic news.

But, if you are like many other professionals, you feel disappointment at how little your career passions have prospered. Do not let this decade stand in your way. This is the moment to take a leap of faith and step into 2020 as the CEO of your career.

As you ask how one accomplishes becoming the CEO of their career, consider investigating career coaching programs. These programs are designed to help you get clear on your personal brand and professional messaging.

In a good program, you will learn strategies for how to navigate your career like a CEO and move forward in your career success. A key focus should be on how to build resilience and overcome barriers to your life and career challenges to deepen your personal growth and help you live a more authentic, creative and resourcefully vibrant life.

As a career coach myself, I use my intuition to provide deep active listening that creates awareness by asking you curious and powerful questions. This process helps me to notice self-perceived limits and provides you with different perspectives, so that you can finally break through your own hurdles and achieve the success you are seeking.

Together, we create a roadmap to your career and life success. I hold you accountable throughout the coaching process to ensure you accelerate your full potential.

For me, there is no one-size fits all coaching program – we are all unique. My style of coaching helps you become more self-aware and opens new possibilities for you. By guiding you to let go of restrictive ways of viewing yourself and the career industry you will become engaged and empowered to emerge as the superstar that you are.

Discover your authentic brand and learn how to sell your brilliance!


  • Who are you? What are your motivations and career assets?
  • Finding the right work for you. Turning your vision and passion into reality.
  • Finding great work and mapping your job search success strategy.
  • Crafting a personal brand and value proposition that sells you.
  • Creating great marketing tools, interviewing and negotiating your career salary.
  • Achieving work-life balance and overcoming other career challenges.
  • Enhancing your leadership and communication style.
  • Building resilience and navigating career transitions.
  • Strategies for career success.
  • And many other topics…

Launch your career to new heights in 2020, consider investing in a career coach that helps you navigate the challenges in front of you.


Thank you for reading my blog. As a Certified Career Transition Coach and your Career Vision Officer, I look forward to helping you become the CEO of your career with my customized coaching programs. Contact me today to learn how I can help you step into a new decade with confidence.