So what are those barcodes, anyway?

Within the resume writing community, the big question lately is whether or not to include a QR code in a resume. The QR (quick response) code was originally invented for the automotive industry when Toyota asked their supplier, Denso Wave to develop a barcode for safely and easily identifying components. Because of the outstanding error correction performance and a lot of useful applications, the QR code quickly made its way around the world.

Today you can find these fancy barcodes on just about anything from the tags on pineapple fruit to application boards at Fast Food restaurants. They are an incredibly useful mobile marketing tool. By simply scanning the code with your cell phone QR scanner application you get immediate access to company profiles, website or contact information. It does save you from using your small cellphone keyboard to type in a URL, but how useful is it really on a resume?

Most HR departments already send your resume through a scanner to weed out candidates that do not match their keywords for a position. Would they really take additional time to use their cell phone to scan a barcode? Probably not.

Although perhaps not very useful for most industries, the QR code does have some benefits to it on a resume. If you are in the IT industry or web design industry you would probably benefit from including such a new trend on your resume. If nothing else, it will generate interest and show that you are in the “know” of technology!

Similarly, if your social media reputation has been damaged in any way, it might be a good idea to include such a QR code on your resume to try and send a hiring manager to the “right” information about yourself! In this instance, you could create a LinkedIn profile or vCard that is positive and enlightening. This way you create a direct connection between the information you tag with the QR code and the internet. But be warned, most hiring managers will still perform a Google search before hiring you.

At this moment the popularity of QR codes on a resume is not present, but that isn’t to say it won’t be.  Who would have thought that Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest would take over the social networking world so fast?!


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