Job Search Have You Overwhelmed? It Is No Wonder

I am often told by people that their job search is overwhelming. They feel tired and exhausted, and they don’t know where to turn next in their quest for finding a job.

I am here to say that this feeling is normal. I want you to take a minute and understand the situation you are in. Truly understand why you are feeling so tired. Take ownership in these feelings so that hopefully you can relax a little bit and enjoy the ride a little more!

Honestly, it is no wonder so many people feel overwhelmed by their job search. Not only are you worried about finding the right job for you and your needs, but you unexpectedly have to wear many new hats and learn how to successfully play many different roles in your search for that perfect career.

I am betting that like most people, you have never really thought about all these roles that you play in a job search.  All of a sudden, you are in charge of managing your career and professional reputation. In order to run a successful job search, you have to think of yourself as a company. You are in charge of selling yourself and your accomplishments to prospective employers.

By thinking of yourself as a company, you are now assuming the role of Business Owner and CEO. This comes with a lot more responsibility.Roles You Play In Your Job Search 1


Business Owner: You are the CEO of your success. You alone are responsible for the profitable growth and operations of your job search.  You have to assume responsibility for a multitude of new tasks. You are probably a solo-business owner in your job search, and so you will also have to wear many other hats.

Public Relations and Social Media Specialist: Successfully managing your job search also requires the skill of being a public relations and social media specialist. In order to keep up with today’s hiring trends, you need to ensure that the public image you portray online and at networking events is professional and targeted for the career industry you are hoping to secure a position in.

Marketing Guru: As CEO of you, you have to also learn how to think like a marketing expert. You need to create an effective and unique personal brand and value proposition that will help you to get noticed by the people that matter. You need to find creative ways to market your skills and achievements. (*Hint: think of your resume and cover letter as a marketing brochure).

Sales Professional: This goes hand-in-hand with marketing expertise; but now that you are in a job search, your task is to sell yourself to prospective employers. Not everyone is skilled in how to deliver an effective sales pitch, so this takes effort and dedication. You have to learn what buying motivators you have to offer that an employer will benefit from, and you have to learn how to effectively sell these motivators during your job search. (*Hint: think of the interview as your time to deliver your sales pitch).

Writer/Editor: Not only are you tirelessly trying to search for available positions, but you also have to act as writer and editor while you prepare a targeted resume and cover letter for each of these positions. You are responsible for ensuring that your online profiles summarize and pitch the value you have to offer.

HR Representative & Hiring Manager: While you are busy trying to create compelling material that will market and effectively sell you to prospective employers, you also have to try and think like an HR Representative. You have to ensure that the message you convey in all of your marketing documents speaks to your audience. Your message has to be delivered in terms that they can relate to and understand. You also have to think like the hiring manager in order to be able to answer how you can help them. Being able to answer ‘what makes you the best fit for their company’ will sell you faster than simply knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

Wow! It is no wonder you feel overwhelmed in your job search. This is a lot of new roles and responsibilities to have to take on in a short amount of time.

The take home message: the next time you feel like giving up, remind yourself of all the hats you are wearing. Go easy on yourself and be proud of all the hats you are currently wearing in order to help bring your career to the next level. All your hard work and dedication will pay off.

And just like any smart business owner will tell you – outsource help where you can. Save time by seeking the assistance of a career professional to help you in your job search. Ask friends and family to keep their eyes and ears open for opportunities. Create a strategy for success.

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