I’m Taking a Pause from Blogging and Social Media. Here’s Why…

There is no way this is a good idea. I know that I need to be out here, doing marketing, to get clients and to help job seekers. And yet, here I am, about to make a decision that goes against everything I believe about marketing and helping my clients.

I’m taking a pause from blogging and social media because life is changing at warp speed right now. This is long overdue considering I have been quiet for a few months already and crazy, I know. It is my job to be here for all of you, to help you through your own struggles, transitions, and career hiccups. To provide answers to your undying job search and resume writing questions through influential blogs and social media posts.

Yet, with the COVID-19 crisis and all-important social movements occurring around the globe, the job search landscape is transforming. Rather than waste my time and your time delivering tips and tricks on how to write a knock-out resume or keyword-rich LinkedIn profile that already inundates the internet, I am making a strategic decision to spend the next couple of months rebuilding my content marketing strategy from the ground up.

My goal is to discover what will actually help job seekers most, rather than simply post what will look nice on a blog and generate likes from the latest popular hashtag.

Here is My Plan

For the next couple of months, I’m taking a break from blogging. THERE, I said it! This will only affect you if you follow me on social media or read my blog. I am still here to offer killer resume writing and job search coaching services.

If all goes well, I will be re-imagining this blog and building something bigger, better, and even more useful than what I have today. I will be recommitting to transparency by digging deep into the new challenges we are dealing with now while being mindful to what job seekers value most.

I am going to educate myself on the latest job search trends following COVID-19 and I am going to listen to people across the globe as they educate me on the issues that matter most to them. And then, I will bring this learning back to you.

Until then, thank you for reading, sharing, commenting, and helping me share job search and resume writing trends with you. I am grateful to every reader who has dropped by the blog and engaged with my social media posts. Your support is the biggest reason that I am committing to building better content for you.

Finally, I have just one favour to ask you.

If this blog has been at all valuable to you, I’d really appreciate you taking the time to answer this question: what’s the biggest challenge facing you in a job search? It could be anything from resume writing, to networking online and in-person, to interview hang-ups, and anything else in between.

Send me your answers to skye@skyeisthelimit.ca

Until my regular blog returns, I wish you continued health, happiness, and safety!

And remember, if you are looking to launch your career to new heights with a great resume or require job search coaching, I am still available at info@skyeisthelimit.ca.