Gone are the days of Objective Statements… Say Hi to Value Propositions!

With so much changing in the employment industry it is no wonder that employers expect more value from a resume. It is estimated that for every job posting, an employer receives on average 60 to 80 resumes.  That is just for ONE opening.  It is also estimated that HR managers spend only 1 to 2 minutes scanning an application before deciding whether to keep reading or tossing it in the NO pile.  Will your resume make the cut?

If your resume still contains the “objective statement” you might want to consider revising and updating your information.  With so many applicants out there fighting for the same job as you, you will have to find a way to stand out from the competition.

An objective statement generally only communicates personal goals. It does not set you apart from your competition and does not help an employer get to know your unique value.  In other words, you need to highlight why you should get the job over someone else. Starting your resume off with what you have to give rather than what you want to get is the first step to making it through to the interview stage.

A value proposition statement goes beyond the objective statement. It clearly and concisely describes the unique value a candidate brings to the position.  It does not state what you are seeking from the employer, but instead, it states what you can do for the employer.

It is NOT enough to say: “Seeking to obtain a position with a well-established company that will lead to a lasting relationship in the field of finance.”

In its place, you need to consider saying: “Financial and Investment Expert with considerable expertise building strong teams while promoting corporate strategies. Rewarded for top sales growth and client retention in the district. Recognized for corporate focus, unrivalled sales effectiveness, and ability to correlate referrals to the corporate vision.”

To get started on the road to updating your old objective statement you need to analyze your core competencies and specialties. Next, you need to transform these competencies and specialties into statements that relate to the position or field you are interested in.  You need to ensure that your statements are specific and measurable and that they highlight your unique value to an employer.

Tell them why they NEED YOU, not why you need them!

If you need assistance writing your own value proposition or want to revise your entire resume, please contact me at info@skyeisthelimit.ca. Together we can help bring your career to new heights!

Thank you for reading my blog.