Challenge yourself this winter…

With February almost at its end, do you find yourself tired and sluggish like so many other people?  Maybe you live in Northern Ontario (like myself) and can’t wait to see some green grass again or feel the warm sun on your face?  Winter blues can easily get you down and February is usually the month when people realize they have had enough and are getting bored of staying inside, hibernating from the cold.

Although I do not have some magic answer to make life more bearable this winter, I can say that maybe this is the best time to challenge you!  It doesn’t have to be a big challenge, but something that will get you excited and motivated again.

Maybe you could challenge yourself to a 30 minute walk each day (yes that means dressing in warm clothes and getting outside… but the cold wind in your face might just be the thing you need to wake up right now!)? It could mean taking this time to start planning that vegetable garden you have always wanted to plant.  Take the time at night to start planning what vegetables you want to grow and read books, search the internet and gain all the knowledge you will need now before spring comes so you are ready and prepared to start the best vegetable garden in your neighborhood.

You could challenge yourself to read 3 books before the end of March.  Or take the extra leap and start writing that masterpiece you have always wanted to write! Maybe it is time to take that cake decorating course you have been putting off?

Whatever the challenge you decide to take on, make sure it is something positive and inspiring.  It will help alleviate the winter blues while you wait for the snow to melt and the flowers to blossom!  And who knows… this simple challenge could turn into something more life fulfilling than simply conquering the winter blues!

Good luck and may spring arrive soon for us all!

For those of you that are curious, I too am patiently waiting for spring to arrive so I can start planting my very first vegetable garden!

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