Certified Career Transition Coach

Professional development is a critical component of career success – regardless of your role, industry, or level of expertise.  Taking care to practice what I preach, I am pleased to share my own recent professional development pursuits, and the successful completion of my 5th industry designation – the CCTC (Certified Career Transition Coach).

Research consistently shows that over 50% of professionals in the workforce are unhappy in their current position.  With so many people looking to make career changes but not knowing how to achieve their goals, career coaching is becoming increasingly important.

I often hear from clients that they are facing steep challenges in the employment market. To better support these professionals, I invested in a rigorous training program through Career Thought Leaders to earn the CCTC credential – signifying my understanding of coaching best practices and the career decision-making processes. Here I gained access to an innovative coaching model, with hands-on activities, to use with job seekers.

Armed with a structured coaching process, I can better support professionals during what can be a complex career transition process.  Coupled with my many years of experience in the career industry, my coaching expertise will help professionals determine their next career step, establish goals based on knowledge of themselves and the market, and take steps to realize career objectives.

My professional investment in the CCTC means that my clients can approach career exploration with confidence, knowing that they will have the structure, flexibility, and resources needed to navigate a career transition.


What are the benefits of career coaching?

  • One-to-one guidance and support.
  • Assistance moving through career exploration and the decision-making process.
  • Access to career change frameworks.
  • Support with overcoming career change barriers and fears.
  • Resources for bridging the gap into a new career.
  • Job search, resume writing, and interviewing services that enhance career success.



If you are seeking support with career transition, or unsure how to get started, please reach out.  I am here to help you navigate the process and achieve your career goals!


  • Skye Berry-Burke is an award-winning, multi-certified resume writer and career coach who helps bring job seeker’s careers to new heights! Looking for career and job search support?  Reach out to Skye online at Skye Is The Limit Resume and Career Solutions to learn more.