As We Learn Valuable Lessons in Time Management and other things…

It has been a while since I have had the opportunity to write a new blog post and it may very well be a little while longer still. So the big question is why, where have I been?

The short answer is busy! The long answer is that I have been busy learning valuable lessons as an entrepreneur, mother, wife and resume writer. Time management is the biggest lesson I am learning and will probably continue to learn throughout my career. This is usually a topic that arises with my coaching clients and is a topic I have raised myself with many colleagues to try and better myself as a business woman.

Over the past few months I have found myself busy re-evaluating my business process and practice as a whole. I have been renovating my office space in order to truly maximize my time efficiency for my clients and my family; and I am now busy trying to find a new web developer and host that will better serve me as ‘their’ client.

Within this long exercise I have had the great pleasure in taking stock of what truly matters most to me and my business. I have had to ask simple questions like: what filing system will work the best (virtual cloud system or the old tested and true paper system) and do I need a bulletin board on the wall with a calendar or will my google calendar do just fine? Would an in-person meeting space (as most of my consulting is done virtually) be valuable? What about a library wall for all the books I have collected on the topic of job search, career development and resume writing? What size of desk and work space do I really need in order to ensure my clients receive the best quality work I can provide?

And then there are the BIG questions like what should my work schedule look like… should I have set work hours or continue to work as needed and fly by the seat of my pants in a disorganized mess? How will I get my son to and from school and ensure that dinner is on the table every night? When will my daughter and I go for our daily walk? How will I fit my husband and our evening TV viewing and down time into my new work schedule?

Basically, I have had to ask: how can I manage being a full-time mother and wife and still provide the best quality service I can to my clients and my business – all while ensuring that each feels like they are my top priority? The short answer to this question is that I simply cannot make everyone feel like my priority at all times. A very difficult lesson for me to learn since I live to make people happy!

At the end of the day I have had to realize that I am only one person with two small hands and I cannot run the world on my own. I have had to humbly ask for help and ask my husband and my family for support during this transition and I have had to ask my clients for patience while we work to better serve them in the future. I have also had to completely step away from my blog for this time period.

However, this all comes on the heels of remaining positive and determined to find a way to make all of this work for everyone – especially me! As a woman, I find I am always riddled with this feeling of guilt that I am either not spending enough time with my family or that I am spending too much time with them and not enough time is being devoted to my passion of resume writing. And the lesson here is that there is no easy way to relieve this feeling of guilt. I am starting to believe it is just a by-product of being a woman! I am embracing this feeling of ‘guilt’ and recognizing that with this feeling I am being pushed beyond the limits of my own expectations in a positive way to continue to strive to be a better person.

With this exercise, I am learning that I CAN do it all – I just need help doing so! This is not the end of the world, like I once thought. Asking for help was surprisingly easier than I anticipated and helped me to understand the challenge of this very task when I suggest to my clients they ask their network of friends and colleagues for help in their job search.

And so, as I continue to learn ways to better improve my time management and myself I am asking for a little bit more patience from all of you! You will soon see regular blog posts and social media updates again, but as I work to secure a web developer that can better serve me and my needs, my website and blog will be under construction for a short time.

Thank you for reading my blog, I am looking forward to writing more soon! Wishing you all great success in the journey we call life.

Note: we are still available for resume writing and job search services – please contact us at for information and service options.