Are Personalized Networking Cards for You?

In today’s competitive market, sharing your contact details is essential to create opportunities and achieve success! Many people underestimate the value of having a personal networking card, but the small investment it takes to have a professional brand and contact information at your fingertips is worth every penny you spend.  These personalized cards should be the same size as a business card, usually with your name and contact information on the front and some key qualifications or accomplishments highlighted on the back of the card.

Maybe you have a trade show to attend or a conference coming up and you want to promote yourself, or maybe you are looking for a job and want to make yourself stand out from the crowd? Either way, networking cards are the perfect solution to ensure you are remembered. Not only do personal networking cards assist you in strengthening your professional image, but they can turn chance meetings into beneficial and lasting relationships.

Here is a scenario to think about: Let’s say you aren’t even in the market for a job and you feel pretty secure in the position you currently have. But then you are at a Wedding Reception and meet a CEO of a company that offers better benefits, a higher salary potential and an all-around great work atmosphere. It is a great opportunity to market yourself and try to land the job of your dreams. Without a personal networking card available, the CEO is likely to forget your name the following morning and that great opportunity has been just that – a great opportunity. But, if you had a networking card that showcased your key accomplishments and contact information then that great opportunity becomes the opportunity of a lifetime! You are going to be remembered by the mini-snapshot of your resume that is a networking card and doors will open for you!

In my opinion, personal networking cards are for everyone! Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, these little snapshots of your most valuable skills and accomplishments will ensure that you are remembered and will get you recognized. Leave them behind at an interview, take them with you to social events and expand your network wherever you go by creating a personal identity that you can be proud to share.

You can create a networking card yourself or invest in a career strategist to assist you in creating a brand that is perfectly showcased amongst all your career documents. Whatever method you choose do not leave your house again without a personal networking card – turn a great opportunity into the opportunity of a lifetime!

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