A Positive Way of Thinking for the New Year

This time of year brings with it the excitement of planning for the new year ahead. You will find people everywhere are discussing their new year resolutions and goals for things like weight loss, better health and even happiness. Lists, charts and plans abound about how to create the perfect resolution and stick to it. But what if I tell you there is a much simpler way to achieve your goals for the year without feeling like you are setting yourself up for failure?

Personally, I am not a fan of the grand new year resolutions that so many people seem determined to make. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is a fantastic idea to strive for better and want better for yourself and for those around you. However, I feel that so much pressure is placed on people to come up with concrete goals and the perfect plan that we simply are destined for failure unless we change one thing – our thinking! Unless we are able to actually change our thinking about our life and our goals no plan will be completely successful.

When you change your outlook on life and start to visualize a more positive and brilliant future you will start to strive for those things in a positive way – and I can guarantee that positive things will happen for you. You will no longer view your new year resolution for better health and happiness as a struggle but instead as a by-product of your new way of thinking.

Something strange and enlightening happens when you stop the negative self-talk and the self-defeating way of thinking. When you truly start to believe that YOU are worth it and that YOU deserve everything your heart desires, it seems with very little effort things will just magically come easier for you! I am not saying that you don’t still have to work towards your goals or work towards finding what truly makes you happy – I am saying it is easier to do the work necessary when you are positive about it.

When you look around and truly believe that you are already immersed in the abundance of the universe and that all of your current needs are being met; when you are truly grateful for the friends, family and wealth you currently have and believe with complete faith that everything will be okay, amazing things happen.

We hear it all the time – positive thinking attracts positive things – and after struggling with this myself over the last few years I can say that a few years ago I worked hard to change my way of thinking to something more positive again. I can say with complete certainty that this statement is no lie: Positive thinking REALLY does attract positive things! Last year saw one of the most successful years for myself and my family and I attribute this completely to changing my self-defeating and negative self-talk into something that was more grateful and positive about what little things I did have around me.

It will not be an easy process and it does take some work to recognize when you are sub-consciously defeating all your hard work and effort; but once you start to truly pay attention and truly be grateful for all that IS around you, the task of being more positive about life will come easier.

If there is one goal you set this year, I encourage you to make the goal about living a more positive and grateful life! I encourage you to no longer wait for conditions to please you and no longer fear failure, but to boldly take action and believe that you will succeed.

Trust that with clearly defined goals about your future and a positive belief that you will achieve your dreams, you cannot fail. Aim high and hit your mark on life by believing that YOU ARE worthy of happiness, love and wealth. Treat yourself and everybody you meet with love and kindness and great things will happen for you! Create a new you this year by seeing all the positive things around you and believing that you are worth those and so much more!

Walk confidently in the direction of your dreams and face the fear of failure head-on with the belief that you are worth it and I promise that this year will see a new you. Embrace the journey of life!

Here is to a very positive, prosperous and successful 2016!

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