6 Savvy Job Search Tips

At this point, you are ready to start your job search. Your marketing plan is in place; including company targets, leads or prospects; a networking and social media plan; and a uniquely branded resume tailored to your target market with a cover letter template ready to customize for each position you apply to.

You’ve done your homework and researched each target organization. You have a list of people you know or someone who you can reach out to and meet that can refer you to the organization(s) you are targeting – a networking plan. Great – you are ready to send your resume and cover letter marketing package!

In your research you found countless articles on how to run a successful job search. All this advice is sound and when put into action will generate results.

Below is 6 savvy job search tips to keep your plan on track:

  • Have a contingency plan.

This sounds counter-intuitive, but prepare for the worst. Have a contingency plan ready for every possible scenario. Be aware of what is happening in your job market and in your profession. Know the trends that might impact the success of your job search and have a plan ready to help overcome any challenges.

  • Your unique attributes and experience are more important than who you know.

It is often said that who you know is more important than what you know. I disagree with this statement. You can (and should) gather job leads and network day and night for interviews from your acquaintances. But it is YOU who will have to sell yourself and ultimately, do the job. Know what makes you the best person for the job before you go into an interview – don’t make yourself or your acquaintance look like a fool because you didn’t prepare.

  • Opportunities are usually found in the strangest of places.

Always anticipate that you will meet someone influential in the oddest of places. The waiter has a parent who is the CEO of your target company. The hairdresser has the latest gossip on who is leaving what position. The gentleman behind you at your favourite coffee shop is ordering coffee for his entire staff… and it could be your lucky day. Be ready with an elevator pitch and look your best when you are in a job search.

  • Be a lifelong learner.

Go back to school for extra training. Take some professional development courses. Stay up to date with your industry and ensure you have an arsenal of courses and training behind you to support your knowledge and expertise.

  • Pay It Forward.

Show appreciation for the help received during your job search. Remember, people help because they want to; not because they have to. Give interviewers a reason to speak with you. Express gratitude for your acquaintances time and advice. Offer to help others when they find themselves in a job search. Always be humble and kind.

  • Stay positive and tune out the negativity.

When you have a bad day or a discouraging week (this will happen), stay on track. Remind yourself that this is only temporary. When one door closes, another always opens, and better days are around the corner. Stay away from the people who tell you how bad their job search experience was or who put down your efforts. They are not the key to your success. Stay true to your job search plan and visualize that perfect opportunity waiting for you.

Armed with your marketing and networking plan you are ready to take your job search to the next level. Prepare for everything with these 6 savvy job search tips; from having a contingency plan in place to staying positive while tuning out the negativity.


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